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Neurana Pharmaceuticals to Present Tolperisone Phase 1 Clinical Data at ACR/ARHP Annual Meeting

Presentation will highlight data demonstrating the non-sedating effects of tolperisone

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 17, 2018 – Neurana Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of neuromuscular conditions, today announced that data from a Phase 1 clinical study demonstrating the non-sedating effects of tolperisone in a simulated driving performance and cognitive functioning assessment in healthy adult volunteers will be presented at the American College of Rheumatology’s Annual Meeting (ACR/ARHP) October 19-24, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois.

“The results from the Phase 1 study further demonstrate the potential benefit of tolperisone compared to commercially available muscle relaxants that are typically sedative,” shared Craig Thompson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Neurana Pharmaceuticals. “We believe that this study and our upcoming clinical studies will continue to show the clinical benefits of tolperisone and its efficacy without resulting in sedation and cognitive impairments as seen with other muscle relaxants.”

The ACR/ARHP presentation by Neurana Pharmaceuticals is as follows:

Title: Unique Skeletal Muscle Relaxant Tolperisone in a Crossover Driving Simulation Study: No Evidence of Sedation Compared to Cyclobenzaprine and Placebo

Abstract Presentation: 409 Date and Time: Sunday, October 21, 2018, 9:00-11:00 am (Central) Session: Orthopedics, Low Back Pain and Rehabilitation Poster – ACR/ARHP

About Tolperisone

Tolperisone, a novel, centrally-acting dual voltage gated calcium and sodium channel blocker, has been shown to be safe and effective in treating neuromuscular conditions. In addition to tolperisone’s safety and efficacy profile, it has also been demonstrated to be non-sedating. Sedation is a side effect most commonly seen with other muscle relaxants.

Neurana is preparing to commence a Phase 2 dose-ranging clinical study to further demonstrate the safety and efficacy of tolperisone in subjects with acute, painful muscle spasms of the back.


About Neurana Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Neurana Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a privately held specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the treatment of neuromuscular conditions, such as acute, painful muscle spasms of the neck and back and spasticity. Neurana is developing tolperisone, a novel therapeutic compound that has demonstrated efficacy and safety in the treatment of significant musculoskeletal conditions. For additional information please visit us at

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